A New Era in Beekeeping…

Disease free bees, residue free honey, a strong yield, and easily applied…
Probee41 is %100 natural, a herbal solution tested and developed in Turkey. It is produced from the hydro plates and oils of medical and aromatic plants, flower extracts and oils. Such as; thyme oil and extract, blueberry oil and extract, eucalyptus oil, wallnut tree leaves extract and oil, pine oil …etc. Probee41 does not leave any residue in honey, does not contain any chemical or synthetic substances. Has NO SIDE EFFECTS.
Probee41 strengthens the bees immune system and increases the performance of your colony. Probee41 protects your bees against diseases and poisoning, decreases bee deaths.
PROBEE41 effects & Results
· Enhances the performance of your bees
· Supports the immune system
· Probee41 contains vitamins and proteins, you wont be needing to use any other supplement
· Protects your bees against diseases and poisoning, prevents bee deaths
· In permanent use it will increase the bees tolerance to sudden heat changes
· Your bees will be stress free and more productive. They will not be aggressive when interfered with the hives
· Protects bees against bacteria and parasites
· Gets rid of Varroa
· The colors of the bees become brighter
· Increases the egg laying performance of the Queen. Up to 2200 eggs per day.
· İncreases the bee population
· İncreases honey yeild %300
· Does not leave any residue in the honey
· No harmfull effects to human consumption
· While application, bees will not be bothered and will not need to leave their hive
· Does not leave any bad smells in the hive
Application Methods
1. Probee41 can be added to syrup and feeded to bees. For every 1lt. of syrup 1,5ml of Probee41 is sufficient, for 10lt.- 15ml and so on. While this method is applied no other practises is necessary. When Probee41 is applied in October – November (fall) the queen bees egg laying performance has been observed to reach 2,200 eggs per day. Application in this period will allow you to have strong and disease-free bees, and high performing colony in spring.
2. Probee41 fed with cake. Same measurements should be applied as in syrup. For 1kg of cake 1.5ml of Probee41 is sufficient.
3. Probee41 in water. Same measurements as in syrup and cake can also be applied in the water given to bees.
4. Spraying method. The spraying method of Probee41 mixed with water can be applied in the bee hives and on to the bees. Probee41 does not leave any residue in the honey, and bad smells in the hive. The measurement is for 1 unit of Probee41, 3 units of water should be added and mixed well. For 1 lt. of mixture; 250ml of Probee41 and 750 ml. Of water. The spraying method is usually applied when the syrup and cake feeding stages come to an end. During May, June, July, August and September even during honey harvest season as Probee41 does not leave any tocsic materials and residue. During this period the bees will be kept healthy and for the queen bee to lay eggs to above 2,200 per day have been absorved. Specially mid July and August the queen bees egg laying ratio is around %75, around 1,600 – 1,800 eggs per day, which protects the bee population to decrease from the previous rates of 500 eggs per day. The bees will be ready for the next spring season with healthy and highly populated colonies.